EXTRA FIRM mattress padded COIR mat 90% firm

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  • EXTRA FIRM mattress padded COIR mat 90% firm
  • EXTRA FIRM mattress padded COIR mat 90% firm
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  • This EXTRA firm mattress padded with coir mat(1cm thickness) in both sides to make it very hard with strong  inner spring to support your back.We treat this about 90% firmness which is very firm enought for most people.However we have some customer need to sleep on the timber floor,we also have those 100% hardness in other design.
  • If you want to cheaper hard mattress in regular quality,you may go general firm,click here to have a look.
  • The main advantage of this firm mattress is that It has a 1cm thick extra coir mat on the top of each side to make it last longer and also hard to bent or distort after 5 years usage.
  • Watch YouTube video.
  • Brand new in flat packed factory condition, packed by plastics bag. 
  • 15 years warranty by Prince Australia.
  • You are welcome to inspect first and Free to pickup from Sydney.

How hard/firm of this mattress comparing to the other popular firm style? We have hardest one super firm,100% hardness,which is as firm as the timber floor.This one is about 90% hardness,we name it Extra Firm because the coir padded layer to make it stronger then General firm extra foam padded.This mattress will suit those people who are looking for hard and strong back support in good quality and last many years.

If you are looking for minor softer (85% hardness) also without coir mat,please check the other mattress with either pillowtop or more foam padded.




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